We have everything you need to bring a little leprechaun magic to your room. These activities are sure to give you a belly full of laughter and some great memories with your class. We hope that you enjoy our St. Patrick’s Day activities.

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We love celebrating any holiday we can in our classroom. The students get so excited about the themed activities and we notice that we manage to keep their attention longer with a little fun thrown in. It is almost time for one of our favorites, a time when it is all going green! St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and we have everything you need to bring a little leprechaun magic to your room.

It's All Going Green

Building vocabulary is always a focus with our students. We want them to not only know words, but to have a love of words. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo is a great way for us to introduce words like leprechaun, emerald and so much more. These are words that we will then use in our reading and writing times during the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Bingo is a great full class activity that holds student attention.


The St. Patrick’s Day Flipbook is the best resource for your social studies time. There is so much history wrapped up in this holiday and the opportunity to learn about another country, Ireland. With the flipbook your students will color, learn fun facts about Ireland and discover who St. Patrick really was. With a few other green activities, there is plenty of learning and excitement included.


This is our all time favorite resource for St. Patrick’s Day! The Leprechaun Escape Room is all about problem solving, something we think our students always need more practice on. Your students will try to catch Clove, the leprechaun, while solving math and literacy problems. This is intended for whole class participation and we think it is best to have an extra set of adult hands if possible. However, you can do it with one adult, even in lower elementary. With over 55 pages in the resource, everything you need is included.


Finding The Gold

Since we know that none of us are going to be finding the gold on St. Patrick’s Day, we want to make sure to give a quick mention to our St. Patrick’s Day Bundle. You can get all these incredible resources, plus a few more for one reduced price. It definitely gives you the most bang for your buck! We even included the escape room! There is plenty for individual practice, small group work and whole group instruction. And all of it is easy prep for you!