It is time to start thinking about how we will set up our classroom, the endless bulletin board designs and activities for our students.

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Whew, can you believe that summer is almost over?? It seriously feels like we blinked and ended up here in mid July. The idea of heading back to school is creeping around the corner. It is time to start thinking about how we will set up our classroom, the endless bulletin board designs and activities for our students.

You want to start the year organized and you want your students to have fun and love school. We are here to help! Here is a highlight of a few of our favorites that you can find over in our TpT Store to help get your year started.

teacher planner
monthly teacher planner
teacher weekly planner

There are so many moving parts in a classroom, especially when you head back to school. I used to stress over planning, never able to find a resource that had all the pieces I needed…something for lesson planning, a place for class rosters, a calendar, etc.

It took many years of that stress, but I have finally created what I feel like is the perfect planner for teachers. And now I am sharing it with you! This planner covers it all! We have created a printable version in both fun colors and black and white, but there is also a customizable digital edition.

We literally thought of every need and put it all in one spot!

Staying Organised

The First Day of School
My First Day in Emoji
teacher weekly planner

The first day of school is challenging for some students. Their emotions are all over the place in the excitement of back to school. They have nerves, excitement and maybe even a little fear. One of our favorite activities to do with our students near the end of the first day is the First Day of School in Emojis.

There are several different formats that you can use in your classroom. Students can color, cut and paste or even design their own emoji. The creative and fun design allows your students to express exactly how they are feeling. It also gives you an opportunity to recognize some of the needs of your students and help calm those nerves in the coming days.

This resource can even be used in digital learning. So no matter how you are teaching this school year, we’ve got what you need.

The First Day of School

alphabet worksheet
alphabet worksheet

Life would be perfect if every student came back to school still mastering all the skills they learned in the previous year. But we know that in reality it does not work that way. We need materials that we can give to students who need a little extra help, but how great would it be if that same resource could be used for homework review AND for early finishers.

Our Beginning Sounds Worksheet Bundle is that resource! We made sure that students have a variety of ways to show their understanding of this skill; colouring, handwriting, a game and more.

We know your students will love it.

You’ve Got This

Back to school time is basically here. We know that there is some sadness that summer is over, but also excitement about getting back to what you know and love.

You have got this! And we are here to help in any way we can. Check out our store for the perfect resource, visit the blog for tips and ideas and find us on social media to connect.

We love our community and want to hear from you!

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