I’m SO excited! It’s December, and that means it is time for holiday festivities! One of my favorite parts of December is Elf on the Shelf. I love all the fun little tasks my elf has to do each night, but I know that there are a lot of teachers who are nervous about how much time their elf will take. Yikes!

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My most favorite time of year is December holidays! I love doing Holidays Around the World, putting up classroom decorations, and of course Elf on the Shelf!

Having a classroom elf is a little different than having an elf at home. There are different factors to consider because it’s a little more complicated having 30 or so different kids excited about the elf all at once! Because I love my elf so much, I’m going to share with you some of my classroom Elf on the Shelf ideas!

What is Elf on the Shelf ?

Elf on the Shelf is a magical Christmas tradition based on the book by Chanda Bell and her family where Santa sends an Elf to keep an eye on children, monitor their behavior and report back to Santa at the North Pole. If they break any rules, then they can lose their Christmas magic. Each night when an elf goes home with each child and reports back to Santa all of their naughty or nice deeds. If the children know the rules and behave well, the elves are usually really friendly and festive. However, if they get into trouble, they can become quite mischievous! Kids love to see what kind of mischief this little helper will get into each morning, when he returns from checking in with his boss.

How does this work in your classroom?

My elf comes back each year on December first. Santa drops him off personally in a package addressed to our class. We all sit on the big carpet and open it up. Inside the package is a letter written by Santa and the storybook Elf on the Shelf. We read the book together, which lays out the story and the rule for when our elf appears the following day.

Each year, my class and I look forward to the arrival of our elf. Santa drops him off personally on December first, addressed to our class. We sit down together when he arrives and read the book Elf on the Shelf. Then we write a name for our elf on a post-it and vote as a class what we want his name to be. The next day, before they leave, they look for him all around the classroom.

We begin the school day with our elf watching the kids get ready for the day. As they leave the room or go to their seats, they say “Goodbye, Mr. Elf” and make a quick note in their writing journals of where they saw him last. The kids know that every night our elf flies back to Santa’s Workshop to report on them and their behavior. And every morning at breakfast we discuss what happened during the night, who got up early and stayed quiet, who was naughty and broke a rule. But no matter how many times he stays out late or helps himself to a candy bar from the jar on my desk, I am always glad to see him when it’s time for his first photo of the day!


Classroom Elf Printables


The Classroom Elf is a fun way to get your students engaged in the Christmas season.

This resource has been carefully planned to be an interactive, fun and engaging way to spend the Christmas season. It's a perfect opportunity to bring a little bit of magic into your classroom and help your students learn how to write stories.

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