It is time to start thinking about how we will set up our classroom, the endless bulletin board designs and activities for our students.

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Are you looking for ways to teach Multiplication Fluency in your middle class? I never would have imagined saying this, but building multiplication fluency is one of my favourite activities to do in the classroom. You would find me before the bell rang, trying to find a multiplication fluency game online that would engage my kiddos and make me the best teacher in the school. HOWEVER, as soon as I started to ask myself what is fluency in math? I finally learned the best way to teach multiplication fluency !!

Multiplication fact fluency is at the heart of our MULTIPLICATION SPEED RACER. Not only will your kiddos not know that they are building their multiplication fluency, they will be doing it in an environment that is fun and happy.

Things you might need!


MUSIC (Something with a good beat – NOT anything TIK TOK related. I have seen the effects of music from TIK TOK and it wasn’t good)



Multiplication fact fluency tests are the way to go! When I first started this, my kiddos HATED IT. They got super stressed and didn’t like it. HOWEVER, as soon as we talked about multiplication fluency practices and and multiplication fluency strategies, THEY LOVED IT!!

What you will do,

Each times tables has five tests that focus on that particular set of multiplication facts. I do this every day at the same time so that my kiddos know to practice as much as they can.

BEFORE they start the test I give them a few minutes to practice their multiplication fact fluency. This can be as a group or on their own.

THEN I pick the loudest music, usually something 90’s related as I am that kind of teacher, and START THE STOPWATCH.

ONCE the stopwatch has started, every kiddo competes to see who can answer all 40 questions correctly within the quickest time.

As a rule, I don’t stop the stopwatch until EVERY kiddo has finished. At the start I would wait over 20 minutes but now we are on a push to do it under one minute.

Multiplication fact fluency is now something that my kiddos are excited to do every day. I am so glad that I took the time to research how to teach multiplication fluency, as the pride I see in my kiddos eyes when they beat their time is priceless.

What would make this better ? GOOGLE SLIDES ?! Why yes !!!

We also include a Google Slides version included which has been a life saver of the last year of distance learning.

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